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Custom Wrestling Singlet

Custom Wrestling Singlets are our specialty. We offer 2 men’s singlet options. Our NEW Elite Men’s Singlet (pictured) is redesigned with premium features and benefits. The Elite Men’s Singlet has an Elite Women’s Singlet companion item, engineered for an ideal fit on female wrestlers.

We also offer our Classic Men’s Singlet that has been a team favorite for years. Handcrafted with the most premium materials, we individually design each singlet to fit your team.


Creating great products and experiences for our customers begins with understanding the tastes, needs, and timeline of each project. The personalized service we provide for custom team gear has been a lasting trademark of our brand and business. The RUDIS design team creates custom wrestling gear every day. We have a deep understanding of the sport and our designers know that each team is unique. By diving into your identity, we make the intangible, tangible.